Takuma Tanaka Japanese, b. 1977


Takuma Tanaka is a Japanese contemporary artist born in 1977, who likes to use our consciousness in the world as a prevalent theme in his work. From early childhood, he has always enjoyed the study of several subjects which he later reflects in his art. In his own words: “I think art is related to many studies. For example, by using pigment and so on, it merges with chemistry, or while selling art we have to apply economy and marketing. And even so when we make art we must also learn psychology to attract people. From economy and sociology, 'Capitalism' series, 'Human sushi' series. It seems these themes are unrelated, but thanks to Takashi Tachibana, I learned that it is important to find connections within each study. Doing this allows me to continue learning and finding interest in many different topics which I later express through my art.”