Mark Seidenfeld b. 1965


Mark Seidenfeld works in Bridgehampton, New York. He has been academically trained as a lawyer. Seidenfeld represented many galleries around the world and hovered around art until 1992 when Elisa Breton, the widow of Andre Breton, convinced him to start making his own work; he hasn't stopped since. As Mark puts it, "The process of going to deeper places in search of my own true voice has completely rewired my life and continues to expand my powers."

Seidenfeld has been commissioned by the U.S. National Guard to shoot for them in the North Pole; by charitable foundations to create images on Vaudou culture; by private foundations to visually celebrate shamans and ceremonies around the world. He has been working on a photographic book, ‘Spirits, Saints, Madmen, and Magic’ demonstrating the wonder of human imagination and the underlying unity of all people and cultures and has won several honors and awards, including ‘Best Photograph’ at Guild Hall, East Hampton. Both his photography and painting have been subject to articles in various art publications; and a number of galleries around the world have shown his work.