Lindsey Nobel American, b. 1969


 Lindsey Nobel (1969) was born in Baltimore, MD, and raised in San Diego, CA. Currently based in Los Angeles, her art practice also draws upon her time in Monterrey, San Francisco, and New York City. Building her drawing language on the invisible connections that unite humans with the organic and inorganic phenomena that make up everyday life, her work manifests the immense grid of energy that now exists between human, machine, and spiritual consciousness.


Through drawn, painted, photographed, and sculpted mark-making, she expresses this otherwise invisible language. Her painting practice is rooted in principles of both abstract expressionism and minimalism and employs oil, acrylic, ink, resin, coffee, and pen on canvas, masonite, and wood panels. Though abstract, her various series simultaneously engage the nervous system, marine biology, the internet, the global economy, and continually evolving data mapping networks. Nobel’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe and has been selected for the Lucid Art Foundation’s 2021 Artist Residency Program.


Lindsey Nobel uses science, technology, and the synapses or connections between all things and people via the infosphere in her paintings, drawings, sculpture and mixed media. Nobel’s language is primarily abstract which she uses to describe various subjects as diverse as quantum physics and siphonephores. The neurons that make up brain connections are often cited as imagery in her work.